Message from the 2016-2017 Governor-Elect 

I would like to thank members of our Capital District for their support and confidence in electing me as their Governor-elect.  The momentum we started at our District Convention in Richmond-Short Pump will continue under Governor Kelly.  I have had the pleasure to serve as trustee under Past Governor Jeffrey Wolff, Carolyn Richar, Scott Zimmerman, and Brian Bell.  This past year I served at chairperson for the Strategic Planning Committee under Governor David Heppner.  I appreciate the valuable experience and knowledge I gained serving under these past governors.  I am looking forward to working with Governor Kelly and moving her agenda forward. 

Last year under Governor David we received training on the Kiwanis International I-Plan which is Kiwanis International strategic plan for the next 100 years.  As Governor Kelly mentioned in her Governor’s message, this is so important to each club and overall to our District.  We attended a training session in Atlanta in January as Kiwanis International rolled out the I-Plan throughout North America.  I look forward to helping clubs create their own I-Plan.

I also attended a training session for the Formula in Indianapolis, September 23-26, 2016.  Our Capital District Chair is Missy Zimmerman and Vice-Chair is Past Governor Scott Zimmerman.

The Formula is a member-led, multiyear initiative focusing on Kiwanis members.  This program is based on the premise that when you love something, you want to share it with others and then you want it to be part of your life—so you live it.  Two goals of this multi-year program are new club opening and recruitment.  Training new club openers and coaches is vital to this initiative.  We will be working furiously during this year on these goals.

The Formula and I-Plan work hand in hand as the Capital District Clubs develop their own I-Plan and game plan for new club councilors and coaches.

As Kelly says, “Let’s work towards keeping every child happy, healthy, safe and loved.”

Jon Rife