Message from the 2016-2017 Governor

Happy Kiwanis New Year!

What an exciting time to be a Kiwanian...especially here in the Capital District.  On May 19, 1917, the very first Kiwanis Club in our district was chartered, The Washington Kiwanis Club.  The following year, on August 29th, we were officially organized as The Capital District.  We are a District rich in history and tradition; and as we approach our first 100 years of service, I ask that you take a moment to reflect on why you joined Kiwanis

For the past year, I have been sharing with you Kiwanis International’s I-Plan.  We must plan now to ensure that Kiwanis—and most important, the children and communities we serve—flourish long into the future.  When I attended Governor’s training last year, each of us was challenged with the task of introducing the I-Plan in our respective districts.  I’m committed to bringing the I-Plan to each club in our district; it’s than important to me and for the future of Kiwanis. 

This plan focuses on four goal areas, or priorities, that will help our clubs; our divisions and our overall organization thrive for years to come as a positive force for good in the world.

Inspiration: Membership & Engagement
To build, retain and support a growing Kiwanis membership network. Kiwanis inspires and engages men, women, youth, corporations, other nonprofits, partners and communities to make the world a better place for children to thrive. Belonging to Kiwanis means being part of a massive force for positive change in the world.

Impact: Meaningful Service
To perform meaningful service, with service to children as our priority.  Kiwanis is best expressed through meaningful service in communities around the world. When we work together and with other organizations to address important needs for children, we change lives, build stronger communities and even improve our own lives.

Image: Our Kiwanis image

To enhance the Kiwanis image worldwide.  Kiwanians are the most effective “advertisements” for Kiwanis. We represent our image in living color, wear our brand and share our message with the world. That’s why it’s important for our many Kiwanis voices to “sing from the same songbook” when it comes to brand guidelines and messaging. That’s also why it’s important to empower members and clubs worldwide with the training and tools they need to share Kiwanis’ story as one, unified voice.

Investment: Financial viability
To ensure financial viability and responsible stewardship.  Kiwanis does amazing work in the world. When we make wise financial investments, find opportunities to turn profits into service, pool our financial and volunteer resources, create efficient structures and make processes easy and affordable, we can build our capacity to do even more for the children of the world.

We have a strong team of District Leaders that will be there every step of the way to ensure that we have a successful year.  I have shared my goals with our Lt. Governors and Trustees and now I would like to share them with you. 

My goals align with those of Kiwanis International.

By the end of September 2017…

  • Every club will create their own version of the I-Plan
  • Every club will conduct/identify at least one signature project
  • We will support our Service Leadership Programs
  • Identify six communities that would benefit from a new Kiwanis Club
  • Continue our efforts to collect the committed fair share of pledges for Eliminate

What will the next century bring?  No one can say for sure.  But if the last 100 years is any measure, the ensuing decades will be filled with acts of kindness and charity both small and large.  Some will alter the course of a single life.  Others will change the fate of millions. 

Again I ask, “Why did you join Kiwanis?”

Let’s take this journey together…the ride may be bumpy at times, but let’s stay on course and more importantly, have fun. 

Together, let’s energize the dream that every child is happy, healthy, safe and loved.


Yours in Kiwanis service,

Kelly D. Boswell
Capital District Kiwanis